I am an evolutionary neuroscientist: I study the origins of neural, molecular, and behavioral complexity in social insects and cephalopods. 


In fall 2022, I will be starting my lab at the University of Washington Seattle. More information will be available on the lab websiteCurrently, I am a postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Dr. Sarah Kocher at Princeton University studying the neurogenomics of behavior in bumblebees. I received my PhD in December 2018 in the lab of Dr. Cliff Ragsdale, where I studied maternal behaviors and death in the California two-spot octopus, Octopus bimaculoides. Learn more about my research here and on Twitter.

In addition to research, I am deeply committed to scientific pedagogy, outreach, and creating an enabling learning environment for all. Learn more about my teaching and my work in pedagogy.

In and outside of academia, I am dedicated to building gentler, more just communities in which policing is obsolete. I organize with Princeton Mutual Aid. I co-curate a monthly book club with Dr. Natalia Piland. Please feel free to contact me.

(All photos used with permission from the students, Chicago Youth Centers, and Greg Inda)